The Guitar String Jewelry

Some time ago I had an idea to make a piece of jewelry from a guitar string. I looked around and found some items that other folks were making but I was looking for something different. A musician friend packaged up some of his used strings for me and after many mistakes and some mediocre prototypes I finally figured out a style I liked and would be proud to wear. I was hoping to show my finished prototype around to our Weller fan family, the Weller crew and hopefully to the man himself on the 2017 North American tour. 

By the fourth night of the tour in Washington D.C. I got my wish. I had a chance to show Paul and he looked very closely at the bracelet and showed sincere interest. When I asked if I could have his discarded strings he told me he would get Roger on it. You can imagine how thrilled I was. That night Colin and I and our good friend Joybeth were in the front row and Roger came out from backstage and handed me my first package of strings. You can imagine how excited I was! I kept asking my husband Colin if this really just happened. I got the strings home and was able to make a whole load of bracelets to bring to the West Coast shows I was attending. 

I was able to give Paul one when we were in Sacramento. Thanks to Joybeth for snapping these photos of the hand off. Over the three days on the West Coast I was able to sell enough just by word of mouth to make a $260 donation to Be One Percent. Roger was kind enough to make sure I got the rest of the strings from the tour.

I have to extend a very special thanks to the amazing Roger for taking the extra steps to make this project happen! 

Peace, love and music,